The Parsum principle: Particle measurement directly within the process.

Whereas a traditional laboratory analysis determines particle sizes in order to obtain static information on the quality of a product, inline particle measurement provides crucial information on the ongoing process and product quality.

5 reasons to put your trust in us
  • We have 20 years of experience and expertise from a large number of installed inline measurement probes covering an extremely wide range of applications.
  • Comprehensive testing options and on-site trials give you security.
  • The most recent findings from joint R&D projects with universities, users and plant manufacturers are directly incorporated into our products.
  • Parsum stands for complete solutions, ranging from consultancy, trialling, installation and software integration right through to employee training and after-sales service.
  • As a small company, we can respond flexibly to your requirements and can quickly implement even special solutions.

The IPP 70-S is the standard version of the particle probe for universal use in sectors without ATEX requirements.
When used in conjunction with a measuring PC, it allows for the determination of particle size distribution (e.g., Q0, Q3) as well as the attributes of the distribution (x10, x50, x90, etc.) directly within the process.
It consists of a robust stainless-steel construction with sapphire windows to protect the optics from wear.


The IPP 70-Se is the intrinsically safe version of the standard model IPP 70-S for use in processes with ATEX requirements.
Its dimensions, measuring ranges and accessories make it compatible with all other probe models, so all of the accessories for process adaptation can also be used with the IPP 70-Se in ATEX areas.


The IPP 75-S is the special probe for use in large and deep process areas, such as high-shear mixers. To this end, the probe features a new illumination concept as also used in the IPP 80-P pharmaceutical probe. This makes it possible to produce versions of the probe with almost any required length.


The IPP 80-P has been specially designed for use in processes within the pharmaceutical field. Wherever there are demanding requirements with regards to cleanliness, cleanability and hygiene, this is a valuable PAT tool for implementing modern production processes based on the Quality by Design (QbD) principle. It is designed as an intrinsically safe probe for use in processes with ATEX requirements.