Our Partner & Suppliers

Here is an overview of our international partners and suppliers.


Aeroprobe Corporation designs, builds, and sells scientific instrumentation used in aerodynamic and hydrodynamic research.


C-Therm Technologies provides non-destructive thermal analysis for R&D, manufacturing and quality control environments.

Carnet Technology

Carnet Technology designs and produces high-quality suspended-sediment/water-quality samplers and related equipment for agencies of the United States, the academic community, and those conducting sediment and water-quality studies.

Dantec Dynamics

Laser- (LDA, PDA) and Constant Temperature Anemometry, Global Image technnology (PIV, LIF) for flow- droplet size measurement, surface velocity determination, contact-free vibration measuring, non-destructive material testing and measurement of the material stress, seeding particles


Balances for laboratory and industry


Chemical consulting, filter- cutting- and conditioningtechniques for cooling lubricants, as well as facility design and disposal

Malvern Panalytical

Particle size, Particle quantity, Particle shape, Zetapotential, Spray characteristics, Inhaler measurement systems, Laboratory-, Inline- and Online measurement systems,
Viscometer, Rheometer and GPC/SEC

Met Flow

Flow profiles via ultrasonic


Microhomogenisers and Nanohomogenisers


NETZSCH offers solutions for Thermal Analysis, thermophysical properties testing, cure monitoring, dynamic-mechanical testing, rheology, battery testing and for fire testing.


Nicoya Lifesciences

We empower scientists with accessible SPR instrumentation.



Ultrasonic- flow measurements for laboratory, channel, rivers and lakes



Parsum® offers inline particle measurement systems which can be used for fluid bed granulation, high-shear granulation, spray drying, etc.


Protein characterization by analysis of secondary structure, aggregation – quantification – stability – structure – similarity


RheoSense offers viscometers for all kind of industries and applications.

Bild Logo Sopat


SOPAT offers a flexible particle measurement system. It consists of a tailor made SOPAT probe, the innovative SOPAT software, and the SOPAT central box, all of which can be customized to your needs.

Stanford Research Systems

Electronic instruments and vacuum analyser for laboratory and science

Topas GmbH

Particle- and droplet generators, clean room technology: filter test, measuring sensors, thinner lines, flow tracer

University Salzburg

The Nan-O-Style project (www.plus.ac.at/nan-o-style) at the University of Salzburg, Austria, investigates accidental interactions of modern lyifestle products (MLPs) with nanomaterials (NMs) in every day products using the NanoSight Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis (NTA) System of Malvern Panalytical.