MP350 Microlyser Processor

An Innovation in Cell Disruption Production

This biopharma grade processor archieves maximum yields, improves product quality and delivers optimum yiels and  production Scale cell disruption

  • Pressure Range up to 2068 bar
  • Flowrate Range up to 300 lph

Advantages of the MP350 Microlyser

  • Consistent Shear Rates with Fewer Passes archieves high quality yields with limited risk of denaturation.
  • Controlled Temperature Regulation preserves the integrity of temperature-sensitive contents.
  • Efficient Separation prevents clogging issues and delivers shorter filtation times.
  • Ease of Cleaning limits downime and prevents contamination-free content
  • Repeatable Results provides consistency batch-to batch

Unique Features and Benefits of the MP350 Enhanced Biopharma Microlyser Processor

  • Diamond Interaction Chamber ™ 
    Consistent shear & uniform processing results in reduced processing time & fewer number of passes.
  • Industrial PC with 15” Touchscreen HMI
    21CFR Part 11 data logging system provides an audit trail for process pressure,
    temperature, alarms and batch records.
  • Patented Sanitary Electric Pumping System
    Operating pressure up to 30,000 PSI (2068 bar) delivers optimal process efficiencies.
  • Steam-in-Place (SIP) and Clean-in-Place (CIP) Feature
    Modular skid system for product feed arrangement with SIP and CIP capabilities to meet
    biotech industry standards.
  • Pharma Grade Process Piping
    Ceramic plungers with U-cup seals ensure zero leaks in addition to reduced
    maintenance time and ease of cleaning.