FiberFlow - LDA

FiberFlow – high quality LDA systems

FiberFlow is a modular system that can be configured with one, two or three probes, and with small air-cooled or large water-cooled argon-ion lasers. The basic elements are:

  • A transmitter comprising beam-splitting and frequency-shifting optics
  • Fibre manipulators for guiding the laser beams into optical fibres
  • A range of probes with diameters from 14 mm up to 112 mm

FiberFlow transmitting optics

The smallest probes are 14 mm in diameter and measure at 50 mm distance (in air) and can thus be employed where space is constrained, or where the probe can be placed directly in the flow. Application examples are flows in the engine compartment of a passenger car, and measurements in indoor-climate test rooms. The largest probes can be used for measurements at distances of up to several meters and are typically used in wind tunnels and large water channels.

3-component 5-beam probe

The 5-beam probe is particularly useful in the following situations:

– Where there is limited optical access so that a large angle between the optical axes of two probes is not possible. Typical applications are in-cylinder measurements in internal-combustion engines and measurements between the blades in gas turbines.

– Measurements in water channels, through a window, where the use of two inclined probes is complicated. The probe is connected to a standard FiberFlow transmitter unit with an additional beam recombination module and five fibre manipulators. The scattered light passes through a three-colour colour separator to three photo-multipliers.