Rosand RH10-D, RH7-D

The RH7-D and RH10-D rheometry units retain much of the robust ‘H’ frame design principle, which lies at the heart of the instruments’ ability to operate under high loading conditions. A new digital drive system, gives the RH7-D and the RH10-D unsurpassed rheometry performance in terms of speed control, accuracy, and dynamic operating range. This new rheometry hardware is supported by the latest generation of 32 bit Windows™ based software, Flowmaster™, with many new experimental possibilities.

Infos / Datasheet

  • Drive Force: 100kN
  • Dynamic Speed Range >400000:1
  • Rigid ‘H’ frame design for compliance-free measurements in transient tests such as pVT determination.
  • Integral fume chamber with extraction to vent sample gases for operator safety.
  • Open design below barrel exit to accommodate optional accessories such as die swell measurements, melt cutters, slot die system and melt strength (Haul Off).
  • Range of optional barrel sizes and barrel materials to permit measurement of thermally-sensitive, chemically-aggressive or aqueous-based samples.
  • Easy to use Flowmaster software with full range of tests and analyses for shear and extensional viscosity, as well as determining sample stability, wall slip and melt fracture.