GPC/SEC Standards

Malvern offers a wide range of molecular weight standards for GPC/SEC for conventional and universal calibration as well as light scattering.

Infos / Datasheet

Malvern offers a wide selection of molecular weight standards for GPC/SEC. These are available as pre-weighed standards for ease of preparation. Simply add the correct volume of the required solvent to prepare these molecular weight and intrinsic viscosity standards at a known and accurate concentration.

Standards for conventional and universal column calibration have a broad molecular weight range and are available for organic and aqueous applications.

Standards for light scattering and triple detection are characterized using instruments verified with NIST-traceable materials and are available for organic and aqueous applications. They can be used to simultaneously calibrate and normalize detectors and to determine inter-detector volumes and peak broadening parameters.

  • Pre-weighed molecular weight standards reduce preparation time and effort and increase reproducibility
  • Column calibration standards cover a wide molecular weight range
  • NIST-traceable light scattering/triple detection standards
  • Calibrate and normalize detectors and calculate detector offsets and band broadening corrections in a single step to reduce calibration time
  • Polystyrene and PMMA standards for organic applications
  • Polyethylene oxide, pullulan and dextran standards for aqueous applications