High performance, versatile and robust

The new Zetasizer Pro is your go-to instrument to measure a wide range of sample types and concentrations. It offers wide dynamic concentration capability and high sensitivity due to the Non-Invasive Back Scatter (NIBS) optical design. Measurement of particle size, molecular size, electrophoretic mobility, zeta potential and molecular weight can all be performed with ease.

The Adaptive Correlation feature enhances sample throughput by reducing measurement duration and providing greater sample knowledge. The deep learning-based data quality system gives you the confidence to know your data is the best it can be.

The optical filter wheel allows measurement of fluorescent samples without impacting overall instrument sensitivity.

Even novice users will produce the highest-quality measurements using the Zetasizer Pro, which benefits from:

  • Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), which measures particle and molecule size, from 0.3 nm to 10 µm
  • Electrophoretic Light Scattering (ELS), which measures the zeta potential of particles and molecules, indicating sample stability and/or propensity to aggregate
  • Non-Invasive Back Scatter (NIBS), optics for versatile, high sensitivity, particle and molecular size measurements and molecular weight measurements
  • M3-PALS with Constant Current Mode, for zeta potential and electrophoretic mobility measurements
  • ZS Xplorer software suite, for simple and flexible method set-up and data analysis
  • Adaptive Correlation, for faster, more reproducible sizing measurements with less sample preparation
  • Deep learning-based data quality system, for assessment of any size data quality issues, with clear advice on how to improve results
  • Optical filter wheel with fluorescence filter, to allow measurement of fluorescent samples without impairing overall system sensitivity.  Also includes polarization filters for DDLS measurements
  • Available in Blue Label and Red Label variants:
    • Choose Blue Label for routine sample investigation such as metallic colloids, metal oxides and pigments
    • Choose Red Label for more challenging sample types, such as proteins, surfactant solutions and low solid content samples
  • On-site upgradeability to Zetasizer Ultra, should your requirements change
  • The optional MPT-3 Autotitrator enables study of the effect of changes in pH
  • A range of disposable and reusable cells are available to optimize the measurement in terms of sample volume and concentration