3D Digital Image Correlation System (DIC) Q-400

The Q-400 is an optical measuring system for true full field, non contact and three dimensional analysis of displacements and strains. the flexibel design allows a wide range of applications and materials to be tested from microscopic to large scale measurements covering a range from micro strain up to plastic deformation.
The unique automatic calibration procedure and dedicated lighting system ensures that the system is quick and easy to use, reducing measurement time.

  • Measuring of 3D material parameters in tensile, torsion, bending or combined tests and for strain analysis in component tests for fatigue investigations.
  • non-contact and full field
  • ideal for measuring large strains
  • Measurement of mechanical properties until fracture
  • Measurement for true strain at varied contours and materials
  • Ideal extension for ESPI to higher strains
  • High-speed measurements are possible

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