ICSPI nGauge Atomic Force Microscope

Over the course of nearly 10 years of research and development at the University of Waterloo, with the support of DARPA, ICSPI has integrated all the components of a normal AFM onto a single 1 mm x 1 mm silicon chip using our patented MEMS (micro-electro-mechanical systems) technology. Our chip features an integrated piezoresistive sensor, and vertical and lateral actuators, making it self-actuating and self-sensing. The result of our technology is the first AFM-on-a-chip: the nGauge AFM.

Infos / Datasheet

3d nanoscale images in 3 clicks

  • Data in three clicks: Sweep, Approach and Scan

  • Easiest cantilever and sample loading

  • “One-click” automatic approach brings the tip to the sample in seconds

  • Laserless system requires no laser alignment

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