IFB Industrial Fluidised Bath

After years of success, plastic manufacturers have come to depend on Techne fluidised baths for safe, efficient and cost effective cleaning of tooling, components, systems and parts (dies, breaker plates, nozzles, tools, tips, spinnerets, extruder screws, manifolds, etc.)

IFB’s will remove almost all polymers, including plastic, paint, epoxy, rubber and adhesives, as well as other hydrocarbon-based products such as oils, fluids, grease, lubricants and coatings.

Parts immersed into the fluidised bath are cleaned by the high temperature (up to 600°C) environment within a bath media of fluidized aluminum oxide that instantly starts to degrade plastic to carbon, which then leaves the bath as CO2. This instant heating and minimised quenching gives shorter cleaning times than with conventional ovens, and with the even and consistent heat of the bath, results in greatly reduced metal fatigue and tool damage. Techne offer 7 models in the Industrial Fluidised Bath range.

The baths can be fluidised with either compressed house air or an inert gas such as nitrogen or argon. It should be noted that fluidised baths and the action created in the aluminum oxide is not abrasive to items immersed for normal cleaning or heat treatment times.

Typical cleaning times range from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on bath loading, temperature and amount of material to be cleaned.

Other Applications

The excellent thermal performance of Techne Industrial Fluidised Baths make them a good choice for basic heat treatment, test and calibration as well as reactive analysis.

Some of these applications include tempering, annealing, nitriding, distillation, curing, exothermic and endothermic reactions, and thermal analysis of devices, components and materials.


IFB-51 has manual airflow control.

IFB-52 has flowmeter for manual repeatable airflow control.

IFB-101, IFB-111, IFB-121 and IFB-201 are available in both manual and automatic airflow control.

IFB-131 is only available with automatic airflow control.

Techne can also supply a gas fired AB-100 Afterburner to reduce exhaust particulate and VOC’s.

When cleaning PVC’s and other halogenated polymers the SR-100 Scrubber can be employed.

In addition Techne can supply extraction fans and cyclones to separate fumes from any aluminium oxide carried over in the exhaust stream.

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