The ultimate in integrated advanced detection for GPC/SEC

Molecular weight, intrinsic viscosity and numerous other parameters can be measured with OMNISEC REVEAL, the world’s most advanced integrated GPC/SEC multi-detector available. It can be added to any existing conventional GPC/SEC system or used in conjunction with OMNISEC RESOLVE to form a complete GPC/SEC solution, to offer comprehensive molecular characterization of synthetic and natural polymers, as well as proteins.

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OMNISEC REVEAL can be used to relate a polymer’s molecular properties to its bulk characteristics in a wide range of applications, from the packaging and paint industries to the manufacturing of food additives and pharmaceuticals. Its protein characterization capabilities can be used to study the effects of oligomerization, aggregation and conjugation on activity and efficacy in academic research and biopharmaceutical development.

With OMNISEC REVEAL you can:

  • Understand and control product performance of polymers, polysaccharides and proteins by measuring absolutemolecular weight, intrinsic viscosity, hydrodynamic radius, Mark-Houwink parameters, radius of gyration, branching, and co-polymer composition.
  • Measure molecular weight as low as 200 Da or injection masses as low as 100 ng for characterization of samples which were previously unmeasurable using advanced detection.
  • Improve separations and result accuracy with the column oven and temperature-controlled integrated detector compartment that minimizes inter-detector tubing
  • Distinguish chemical changes by measuring absorbance across the full UV/Vis spectrum using the photodiode array
  • Undertake a wide range of applications in different solvents thanks to Teflon and 316 stainless steel construction throughout
  • Reduce instrument downtime and service costs with a novel self-balancing viscometer design with user-exchangeable capillaries
  • Boost lab productivity with a novel self-balancing viscometer design with user-exchangeable capillaries.