Combined pump, degasser, autosampler and column oven, for high quality GPC/SEC and accurate molecular weight measurement.

OMNISEC RESOLVE combines with OMNISEC REVEAL to form a complete OMNISEC GPC/SEC solution for the measurement of absolute molecular weight, intrinsic viscosity and other parameters. It combines an integrated pump, degasser, autosampler and column oven in a single advanced separations unit.

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OMNISEC RESOLVE has been designed using our 30 years of experience in GPC/SEC to achieve the highest possible standard in chromatographic performance. The efficient degasser, low-pulsation pump and column oven combine to give reduced baseline noise, which maximizes measurement sensitivity and accuracy.


  • Achieve superior baseline stability in all detectors with its efficient degasser and pump flow rate stability
  • Reduce sample usage with low injection volumes and waste-free injections from vials or 96-well microtiter plates
  • Protect thermolabile samples such as proteins from aggregation in the cooled autosampler
  • Rapidly switch between many applications, solvents and buffers, thanks to its efficient, low-volume degasser and automated pump priming
  • Make separations in viscous solvents such as DMF and DMSO thanks to the column oven and autosampler temperature control
  • Reduce service requirements thanks to continuous pump seal back washing