FlawExplorer - Non-destructive Laser Shearography System

The system is based on Laser Shearography and consists of a sensor unit and a laptop with controlling and reporting software.
FlawExplorer is available in two versions with 4 or 8 laser diodes that support inspection of areas from 10×10 cm up to 2 m2 in one shot.
The system can be configured with optional excitation modules based on heat, vacuum or vibration excitation respectively, making it suitable for a range of applications from QA in Manufacturing over Research to in-field Inspection operations.

Infos / Datasheet

  • Highly portable, easy to set-up and ready to operate within seconds
  • Compact, robust design featuring Class 3R laser diodes for use on-site and in-field
  • Advanced image filtering produces clear and unambiguous results
  • Fast and cost-effective inspection with real-time results
  • Advanced customizable reporting functionalities