Q-450 - High Speed DIC - Vibration Analysis and Transient Events

The system uniquely combines the high spatial resolution of full-field optical measurements with high temporal resolution. The dynamic range is from static to more than 100kHz with the capability to measure displacements from the micron to meter range. The resolution is typically around 1 micron and 0.01% strain. The system can be used for objects of any size by simply changing the optical lenses. Various extension and application accessories allow the easy use of the Digital 3D-Correlation System Q-450 in different experiments.

Its flexible design opens a wide range of applications from microscopic investigations on microelectronic or biomedical materials up to large scale measurements of aerospace, automotive, marine and railway components.

  • Advanced materials (CFRP, wood, fiber injected PE, metal foam, rubber, …)
  • Impact and Ballistic tests
  • Hopkinson Bar test
  • Material testing (Young’s Modulus, Poisson’s Ratio, Elasto-Plastic Behavior)
  • Fracture mechanics
  • FEA Validation
  • Harmonic or Transient events

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