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Dispersion-units for the Malvern Mastersizer 3000 particle-measuring system

The dispersion-unit is used for preparation of the present particles to emulsion, suspension or dry powder for particle measurement in the measurement cell of the optical bench.

For the Mastersizer 3000 the following dispersion-units are available:

Wet measurement:

Since now, there are 5 wet dispersion-units available with following characteristics:

Picture Model Sample volume Comment
Hydro LV
wet dispersion unit for large sample volume
600ml full automated cleaning
Hydro MV
wet dispersion unit for medium sample volume
120 ml full automated cleaning
Hydro EV
wet dispersion unit for flexible sample volume
Exchangeable sample volume with beakers


Easy sample recovery
Hydro SM
wet dispersion unit for small sample volume
50ml to 120ml Ideal for samples in non-aqueous dispersants with minimum solvent consumption.
Hydro SV
wet dispersion unit for very small sample volume
6ml to 7ml smallest volume unit

It's possible to operate the dispersion-units with differently liquids how for example: water, alcohols or solvents. There is also the possibility to use more dispersion-units on one Mastersizer 3000.


Hydro Sight
visualization of dispersion quality
Hydro Sight Real-time observation of the particles in the laser diffraction measurement flow allows improved understanding of how stirring and sonication or the addition of surfactants and stabilizers affect your dispersion.

One-click capture of dispersion images/videos and dispersion metrics provides quick and effective supporting evidence for troubleshooting measurements and validation of methods according to ISO 13320:2009, USP<429> and similar standards.

Dry measurement:

Picture Model Sample volume Comment
Aero S Aero S
dry dispersionunit
0 to 4 bar stainless steel or ceramic option

Setting new standards for dry powder dispersion, the Aero S has been designed from the ground up based upon fundamental powder dispersion theory. The modular design ensures rapid and reproducible dispersion of the widest range of samples from cohesive powders to fragile materials.

Precise control of the sample feed rate and the applied dispersion pressure ensure the Aero system delivers the most reproducible results possible.